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Can't create sd file using ArcGIS for Desktop

Question asked by greigm on Aug 20, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2016 by thanos_cp78

This is a strange one, I am trying to use ArcGIS for Desktop (10.2.2) to publish and mxd to my Server installation.  When trying to do this as I usually do, I get so far and then get the error:

ERROR 001269: Compressing the service definition failed


and it gets no further and doesn't publish the map.


Strange thing is, I can create an .sddraft file using the same tool, then using the python window I can manually type in:



and this is successful and it generates the .sd file and I can then use this to publish the service manually directly on the server, so it seems the problem lies with what arcgis desktop is asking arcpy to execute.  Is there any way to get debug information on the exact python script being executed?