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Help! Need some java sourcecode for connectng to arcsde10.1 on oracle10g

Question asked by emakly on Aug 21, 2014

i need a java sourcecode for arcsde10.1 connection oracle10g.

have someone goodness to gave me the case and with the full jar.


pleace send the project to my email



i'm not sure is the jar package version error

my invalid code as :

private SeConnection conn = null;



  private String server = "";

  private String instance = "1521";

  private String database = "sde:oracle10g:gz";

  private String username = "sde";

  private String password = "sde";



  // 获得ArcSDE连接

  private SeConnection getConn() {

  if (conn == null) {

  try {

  conn = new SeConnection(server, instance, database, username,


  } catch (SeException ex) {








  return conn;