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import xlrd error

Question asked by leif.zumstein on Aug 14, 2014
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I'm having an issue connecting a script i developed in IDLE with a Tool in ArcCatalog. Here is the import statement from the script:


from xlrd import open_workbook

import xlwt

from xlutils.copy import copy

import arcpy

import subprocess


...and so on. The script works fine in IDLE, but the error I get while trying to run the tool in ArcCatalog is "ImportError: No module named xlrd"


I imagine this has something to do with where this library is located on my machine, e.g. it isnt found in the places Arc would want it to be. Here is where I have xlrd, xlwt, and xlutils folders saved on my machine: (I'm running 10.1 btw)




This obviously differs from where arcpy is saved, but it is the same general location of plenty of the other native python libraries are.


Any thoughts on where I should put these libraries so that Arc will "see" them?