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Javascript API IdentifyParameters Potential Bug

Question asked by ykchin on Aug 7, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2014 by filipkral



Recently, we upgraded our ArcGIS Server from 10.0 to 10.22, and some functions in our apps began to have some issues.

Upon further investigation, I realized the return graphic(s) from executing IdentifyTask had wkid 4326 spatialReference even if it was specifically set to be wkid 100210. In addition, if the data source was on old ArcGIS Server 10, it would function normally (that is, the spatialReference of return graphics/features remained the same as the map.spatialReference). However, if the data source was pointing to our new ArcGIS Server 10.22, the spatialReference of the results would become wkid 4326 despite setting it to wkid 100210.


Note: Query and QueryTask do NOT have the same problem, and the spatialReference stay the same.



I don't know if the problem was caused by the API or ArcGIS Server 10.22.

Don't know if other people also observe the same issue.




Sever: Win Server 2012 RS and ArcGIS Server 10.22

App: Javascript API 3.10