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WebApp Builder : Compare to Flex Viewer?

Question asked by bokeefe on Aug 5, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2014 by rscheitlin

What I am hoping for... and therefore I am asking... is, does the WebApp viewer build the Javascript webmap in such a way that I can go in and tweak the code behind Widget XYZ, or adjust layer data for Layers A-C, etc. from the HTML/Javascript? Kinda like the FlexViewer does (to a degree).


I get the impression that what this app does is create a placeholder website that just references (almost like an iFrame) a portal map stored at ESRI online. I'm REALLY hoping that this is NOT what is going on. I have downloaded the WebApp Builder, but haven't gotten it installed yet. My GIS group doesn't consider it mission critical so it's left to when I "have time" (which so far is never).


Could someone with more experience give me some feedback here?


I really just want a Best Use framework to build on. I want a WebMap application stored locally with ALL of the code so that if I want to tweak a layer to flash on and off with a Javascript Timer, or I want to set the 'Enter your address' widget to display a glowing GIF as the background behind the text, that I can do these without EVER going to ArcGIS Online. I have no problem developing for a webmap system, but I am finding that unless I want a 'One-Shot Wonder' map that only uses a single Widget/Tool then I have to start from scratch and develop an entire Javascript-based WebMapping application. Which... I'm fine with. But I do not have the time for.


My biggest problem with the Javascript API is that it's clunky as heck. I've been reading the Dojo documentation, the Javascript API for ArcGIS documentation, and I still don't know how to setup a library of widgets that I can reference with simple HTML/Javascript. I can write a single-use app with no problem. But creating a GUI with multiple tools that can turn on and off will require a complete development scenario. Something I don't have time for right now.