AppBuilder Beta2 Invalide redirect_uri

08-26-2014 08:40 PM
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I'm using the Appbuilder Beta 2. I can run startup and the java seems to start normally (listening on ports 3344, 3345, and 3346).

I enter the appbuilder address in my browser (have tried with Chrome and Firefox) and get the appbuilder splash-screen and then the "Specify the URL to your organization or Portal for ArcGIS" screen showing the address to my org's portal along with the green check.

When I click continue I'm taken to an error page on the ArcGIS Portal Directory with the following error

Invalide redirect_uri

Error: 400

The strange thing is I had the appbuilder working for a few weeks prior to this and haven't to my knowledge made any changes that would impact it.

I am working on a corporate network and will make the changes suggested for the proxy tomorrow but was curious if anyone had any other ideas?



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Hey Joe, it sounds to me like a registration issue.  I was getting a similar error on web apps that I had not properly added and registered them with AGOL:

Add items—Help | ArcGIS

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Thanks Adam - I'm not a web developer so we're reaching the extent of my knowledge here.

I'm still running the beta appBuilder locally and assuming I don't need to register the app? Although maybe I do since it's connecting to data shared through our agency's portal?

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