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How to set default block parameters

Question asked by petrbocharnikov on Aug 5, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2014 by matthiasBuehler



In my project I face a problem that, when I draw new streets and subdivide an existing block, new blocks do not take block parameters I have previously set. For instance, if I want to connect selected road segment on the left with the selected segment on the right, I will get two new blocks, which do not pick parameters of the block that is there now.


This is troublesome, because I am trying to set up a system where one can interactively create various urban block configurations in an area by editing and adjusting street network. The idea is that the buildings will be then automatically redrawn. The problem is that I rely not only on CGA script, but also on particular block parameters, 12 m offset split into 1 m wide lots, for the buildings generation.


Any suggestions how I can control the new blocks parameters? I am aware of Street Creation Settings dialogue, but I am only able to set the subdivision type and the rule file for new blocks there.