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setRequestPreCallback not used for initial server info request

Question asked by bb1769 on Jul 31, 2014

We need to channel requests to the map server through a proxy, but need to do so dynamically only for certain users, based on the user's location. I added a setRequestPreCallback handler for this, which works for almost all requests. However, the initial info request is sent directly to the server along these lines:




This request does not get channeled through the setRequestPreCallback handler. This request then fails for users on the proxy.


Question then is: what are the consequences, if any, of this request failing? The map seems to work when this request fails. If there are issues with this request failing, is there any way to get it to be sent via a proxy? I did at first try setting the entire map service URL to include the proxy, but that didn't work because of the "?" included in the proxy URL (e.g., http://<proxyserver>/proxy.ashx?http://<mapserver>/arcgis/rest/services/...).