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SCADA WinCC integration with GIS

Question asked by cristelaru on Jul 31, 2014

Dear experts,

  We are currently trying to develop a  SCADA regional dispatcher for a water supply networks. We are working with Siemens WinCC for the SCADA Server/interface. One of the requirements of our client is to integrate some data from our SCADA Server in the GIS System (the SCADA application is the data provider, and the GIS application is the data consumer, in this case). The two applications will work on different PCs that are connected to the same LAN network.


  Do you know of any case that has already been implemented?

  The SCADA Server is also intrinsically an OPC server. Is the OPC protocol supported by the GIS application?

  How can we send data from our SCADA WinCC application to the GIS application? Are there any modules/packages for the GIS application that can do this?


  Let me know if you need any more information on this subject.


Best of Regards,

   Cristian Vitelaru-Tudosa,

   SCADA & Automation Engineer,

   Elsaco Electronic SRL