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Create Random Points

Question asked by mnayebi11 on Jul 30, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2014 by kenbuja

Hello there

I have a question, I wonder if anybody can help me with it here.

basically I want to create random points, but I have difficulties with the conditions I want it to be created.

1. I have a field for the number of points in each feature (COUNT)

2. I have a vector/raster with a value for weighting points distribution. (Weight)

I know that I can use "Create Random Points" and do the distribution based on a field, but as far as I know I have no control over their distribution. I wonder if I can do this NUMBER of random points created based on the field that I have and their DISTRIBUTION based on  the value of the vector/raster that i have as their weight for distribution.


I hope somebody can help me with this