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Hide Info Window When Using Measurement Dijit and Feature Layers

Question asked by dcoley on Jul 29, 2014
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Does anyone have any suggestions on how to hide the infoWindow when using the Measurement Dijit when your map contains feature layers?  For example, after calling measurement.startup, you should be able to invoke the hide method for the infoWindow thusly

var measurement = new Measurement({
          map: mapMain,
          defaultAreaUnit: Units.SQUARE_MILES,
          defaultLengthUnit: Units.MILES,
          }, dom.byId("measurementDiv"));


I am certain I am missing something, but just can't find it.  The problem is that if a feature layer is visible, I'm just not able to hide the info window when making a measurement (i.e I just can't get the syntax correct).  All suggestions are welcome-