Solving multimodal routes

Discussion created by ragmar on Aug 10, 2010
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I am performing a ???find the best route analysis??? based on given stops and modes on a multimodal network data set (bus, tram, train, street). I plan to write a Python script, because I have a large number of stops and trips.
The routes that I want to solve often consist of more than 2 stops and of various modes. For example:

Stop 1 to Stop 2: mode: walking / network source: street / impedance: walking time
Stop 2 to stop 3: mode: bus ride / network source: bus network / impedance: bus driving time
Stop 3 to Stop 4: mode: walking / network source: street network / impedance: walking time

For this example:
a) Is there a way to define more than one impedance in a route layer? In the end, I would like to get the total time needed to travel from stop 1 to 4.
b) Is there a way to define the exact network element for a stop to be located when loading the locations (other than closest and first)?

Thank you for your help!