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Elevationsync profile request syntax

Question asked by kehlawler on Jul 21, 2014
Latest reply on May 12, 2015 by johnlaw

I'm trying to use the Elevationsync request to retrieve elevations but no matter what I submit the response error is 400, unable to process request.  I've tried every variation on the syntax but obviously I still haven't got it correct.  I would appreciate an example of what exactly will work.  The documentation shows the following as a valid request<line_feature>&ProfileIDField=OID&DEMResolution=FINEST&MaximumSampleDistance=13&MaximumSampleDistanceUnits=Meters&returnZ=true&returnM=true


The <line_feature> is documented as having the following syntax:









Substituting a point for <line_feature> I've tried the following with no luck.  I've also tried substituting fields with an empty array as  I don't believe attributes are required (ie "fields":[]) but doesn't work either.{"geometryType":"esriGeometryPoint”,”spatialReference":{"wkid":4326},"fields":[{"name":"x","alias":"x","type":"esriFieldTypeDouble"},{"name":"y","alias":"y","type":"esriFieldTypeDouble"}],"features”:{“geometry":{"x":-122,"y":-49}}}&ProfileIDField=OID&DEMResolution=FINEST&MaximumSampleDistance=13&MaximumSampleDistanceUnits=Meters&returnZ=true&returnM=true


Any help would be greatly appreciated.