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Add stacked chart to Infowindow Web Map

Question asked by afrocodes on Jul 17, 2014



I want to add a a dojo stacked column chart to my InfoWindow (not pop up) that displays when a user clicks on a county in my map. The chart is based on land use information in each county layer from 3 different years.


I'm using this ESRI tutorial to customize my javaScript code:


Here is a link to my sample fiddle with the code I need help with:



  1. My county Feature layer shows sometimes and doesn't show other times. Does anyone know why? When I enter in the sample layer from ESRI, the ESRI layer shows("). But when I switch back to my layer, it doesn't show. (I checked, and the REST service for the layer I want works.)
  2. When my layer does show, I am able to click on a county, and an InfoWindow shows up with data based on the county layer and content set in the InfoTemplate. However, the stacked chart doesn't show up in the InfoWindow in the "chartNode" div I created for it. Anyone know how to get the chart to show in the InfoWindow?


Note: I created a test stacked column chart with sample data that displays how I want my chart to look in the InfoWindow as a example.