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Map not filling div element on initial page load

Question asked by pdomja on Jul 15, 2014
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I'm just getting to grips with the javascript api, and in particular the AMD coding style.


I have a simple page that I am rewriting in AMD style, everything works, but except the map only displays in half the available space. Doing anything to the browser e.g. zooming in (in the browser, not the map), or re sizing the window, causes the map element to display correctly filling the page. I believe this is due to the dom not being ready when the map loads, but is ready when the page is re sized.


I am using "dojo/domReady!" in my initial require[] statement, so I cant see why the dom isnt ready. However to complicate things, I tried including a "dojo/ready" function which should also monitor when the dom loads, this the function simply triggered an alert box message, but the function never fires:(




If any one has any suggestions how to resolve this, that would be great.


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