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batch create steepest path

Question asked by royho1019 on Jul 13, 2014
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Dear All:


     I have write some code on VBA to create steepest path from the given points and DTM (Raster) and store the 3D Line in the Polyline Layer, but the result for those Polyline Line is different compare with using the 3d Toolbar by click one by one, when i run the VBA, some output polyline will go to the neighbor cell of my given point and then flow to the steepest path, i have attached the result create by the code and the result that i expect and also the code here, does anyone know what problem is it (any setting in isurface??) or have see it before, Please Help and Big thanks


          figure_01: the topo and the point

          figure_02: the result that i create by running my code

          figure_03: the zoom in result of figure_02

          figure_04: my expect result created by using the 3d Toolbar (create steepest path)

          figure_05: the zoom in result of figure_04

          Code      : the coding


Roy Ho