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How do I export data from a layer file to a shapefile?

Question asked by alexander_a_g on Jul 11, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2014 by alexander_a_g

I have a layer that defines a connection to a database on an ArcGIS server on the LAN. If I right click it I don't see the "Data" or "Export" item in the menu. On the other hand if I start from a shapefile and create a layer for this shapefile the "Data" menu item with options such as "Export Data", "Export to CAD" is accessible...


In other words if I understand correctly the "lyr" file defines a data source for the features of the layer. And I see these features on the ArcMap. The problem is I can't export them to a shape file (so that I can see the data attribute table and able to access the features without a connection to the data source).