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Assigning z-value to infoWindow

Question asked by dugtoni on Jul 9, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2014 by igras705

Hello, I have a infoWindow that shows up below some other div buttons on a mobile app I created.  I would like to assign the z-index of the infoWindow to a very high value so that it is always shown on top.  There was a solution for how to do this in this thread:


How to change the z order of the Infowindow - solution


My issue is, I do not know how to implement the part about, "document.getElementById('map_infowindow').style.zIndex = 9999; ".


There is nowhere in my javascript which defines the infoWindow as an element you can get by Id, so I am not sure where in my code I should be defining this 'map_infowindow'.  Could anyone help me out with this?  Sorry I am still trying to learn javascript, thanks for the help!