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Cannot add new features to hosted feature service in ArcGIS Online or ArcMap

Question asked by kdjenkins on Jul 9, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2016 by Mtclimber03

I have a hosted point feature service that we have been editing (moving points, editing attributes) with no issue.  We tried adding a new point and realized it will not save a new feature.  When we edit in ArcMap we are following the workflow of creating a local copy, editing, then syncing. But when adding a point it disappears (though the attributes for the missing point show up in the table).  When we try adding the point in ArcGIS Online we can't add a new feature at all either.  I confirmed that all of the edit options are enabled (add, update, delete).  I do have edit tracking enabled (I enabled it in ArcGIS Online, not prior).  The source of the data was a shapefile that was published, fyi.  Any help appreciated.