Batch global watershed delineation glitch

Discussion created by mtbrown5 on Aug 6, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2010 by mtbrown5
I've run into a small snag with the ArcHydro batch global watershed delineation. I have a "Name" and "Descript" field in my batch points; this produces the expected result in the GlobalWatershed (polygon) layer, but not in the GlobalWatershedPoint layer.
Everything seems to work fine except that the GlobalWatershedPoint layer uses batch point Descprit as to populate its Name field and leaves its Descript field blank (ie. if the batch point Name= Test1 and Descript=MyDescript, then GlobalWaterShedPoint Name=MyDescript and Descript=<null>). This doesn't happen when I use the non-batch version of the global watershed delineation tool.

Has anyone else had this issue? Am I messing something up or it it just a glitch?