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Add own basemap to Basemap Gallery, but doesn't behave as part of the Gallery.

Question asked by dmortenson on Jul 8, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2014 by dmortenson

I have added the USA Topo maps to the BasemapGallery.  Works great in the widget as an option to choose from.

But I want to make the USA Topo maps the default for the web application.  I cannot seem to get it to recognize the new layer.


For now, I have set the basemap to be "gray".

Then I make the BasemapGallery.

Then, when the user zooms in, it should change to my new basemap.  This code works if I change the basemap to "topo" or one of the other ArcGIS basemaps. But it won't get the usatopo basemap.


In this example, I also add the google maps. I'd be interested in knowing how to select one of the google themes as a basemap.


But first things first, - how do I get the usatopo to be the default?  If I make it a tiled layer and add it as a map layer ( as in using map.addLayers([usatopo]) , then it covers the other basemaps, if someone switches to one of those. So it's acting like a layer and not a basemap.


Thank you.



map = new Map("map", {

            center: [-120.6, 44],

            zoom: 7,

            basemap: "gray",

            sliderOrientation: "vertical",

            sliderStyle: "small",

            fadeOnZoom: true,

            force3DTransforms: true,

            showAttribution: false,

            navigationMode: "css-transforms"



map.on("load", function () {


  "zoom-end", task);



function task() {

  "usatopo");  // this work with "topo"



function otherMapFeatures(){


var mybasemap = [];


var usatopo = new BasemapLayer({

                url: ""


            var myUSATopo = new Basemap({

                layers: [usatopo],

                id: "usatopo",

                title: "USA Topo",

                thumbnailUrl: "images/usatopo.png"




            var basemapGallery = new BasemapGallery({

                showArcGISBasemaps: true,

                basemaps: mybasemap,

                map: map,

                google: {

                    apiOptions: {

                        v: '3.6' // use a specific version is recommended for production system.


                    mapOptions: {

                        streetViewControl: false



            }, "basemapGallery");



         basemapGallery.on("error", function (msg) {

                console.log("basemap gallery error:  ", msg);