Model Builder:  Calculate Field with Date Parameter Results in Odd Time Value

Discussion created by kafros on Jun 18, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2017 by ginomellino
I'm trying to build a model in which I have a Date data type Parameter that is used in the Calculate Field tool that places that value in a field of a feature class.  See attached screenshot.  If the variable is '6/19/2014' the field in the feature class displays '12:00:14 AM'.  If the variable is '5/2/11' or '05/02/2011' it results in '12:01:47 AM'.  If the user defines a date and runs the model as a tool, it comes out at '12:00:00 AM'.  The field in the feature class is a date field type.  How do I force the date into the feature class field as an actual date with no time (or date plus generic time 12:00:00)??