Election Polling Place App - Customization / Scroll Bar

Discussion created by deleted-user-o0qo22IL6bb6 on May 9, 2014
Hello all,

I had posted this in a separate forum and it had received a few view but no response so I figured a repost in this forum might net better results (or a result).

I'm only recently reintroducing myself to CSS, HTML, Java, etc. and have gone through configuring the Polling Place application. I have made quite a few customization's to better suite my County's needs including the addition a Municipal Ward / District window to the aforementioned Elected Officials results tab. The problem is this particular window has a number of elected representatives including the municipal Mayor, at-large elected officials, and ward specific elected officials; essentially municipal council/commission members. Several of our municipalities have upwards of nine council members plus the mayor all on one tab.

I changed the to 'auto' and that did what I required however I can't seem to figure out how to change the style of the scroll to match that of the pop-up / splash when you first visit the website. Additionally, it seems some of the settings have changed and the last name in the list gets cut-off.

Any help would be awesome.