How to take backup of the SDE database and steps to export and import the database

Discussion created by geoncscm on Apr 30, 2014
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In our organization, system configuration for ArcSDE 10.2.1:

Database: Oracle 11g versions:
Operating System: Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1
ArcGIS for Desktop: 10.2.1

We were taking sde back-up using export command of oracle database "exp system/password file=filelocation.dmp full=y".
After this, while we were trying to import the dmp file to the test machine (with same configuration as mentioned above), the following error occurs: "Error executing stored procedure sde.pinfo_util.get_sde_idORA-06508:PL/SQL: could not find program unit being called" (kindly see the attached error message)

Before importing we were creating the user called sde with default tablespace SDE and temp tablespace, after creation of SDE user, we were using import command "imp system/password file=location fromuser=sde touser=sde"

Kindly suggest whether we were using correct syntax or else let us know the correct procedures/steps to export and import the sde geodatabase from one machine to another.

Thanks in advance

Muruganandam R