0 features in feature class (Topology)

06-22-2017 05:16 AM
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Hi all,

I was just tumbling over a strange "behaviour" in ArcCatalog for which I don't find an explanation. 

I have a feature data set with four feature classes. When I look on the content tab in ArcCatalog it shows 0 features in each of these classes (# Features Column), although I can see features in the geography preview and when looking at the tables I also see around 20 lines for each feature class. 

It doesn't seem to harm anyhow but then this column doesn't make any sense to me...

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Check if the following thread solves your issue

How do I update the # of Features column in ArcCatalog?

Think Location
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Yes, thank you, that solved the issue! Looks like I just put my question into the wrong words 😉