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Split Line at Point not splitting where points are

Question asked by zaloudek on Apr 1, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2014 by magar1982
Just wondering if anyone else has seen this / has any quick suggestions.  I'm currently using ArcGIS 10.0

I am running the 'Split Line At Point' tool in a script.  My inputs are in a feature dataset - I have a feature class of lines (streams) and a feature class of points.  The points were created previously in the script using the 'Make Route Event Layer' and 'Feature Class to Feature Class' tools, so they are located along the lines.  I'm using a search radius of '1 FEET' and for the output, creating a new feature class in the same feature dataset. 

When examining the output split lines and comparing them to the points, the lines are not always split where the points are at.  Sometimes they are just not split where a point is.  Sometimes they are split where a point does not exist.

I can say that the majority of the time, the lines have been split correctly.  It appears that the problem occurs where there are many points are near each other (within a few feet).  I'm experimenting with different resolution/tolerance settings for the feature dataset, but right now this does not appear to be helping.  Any ideas?

I'm including an image with two screenshots of this issue.  The green points are where the lines are supposed to be split. The brown lines are the output, symbolized with a black dot at each end, showing where the lines actually have been split.