Model Builder: Wrong start value from Iterate Feature Selection

Discussion created by COWI_SKOG on Mar 21, 2014

I'm struggling with one really annoying thing in Model Builder and I hope someone can finally help me :)

One of examples looks like that:

I have a folder which contains group of rasters and those I want to clip by polygons. I've got also shape file with polygons which I want to use for clipping - attribute table for this one contains of course names of those rasters.

It's pretty simple model which looks like that:


But as you can see I doesn't work - because of the variable - it has always on the beginning value=1 (doesn't matter what kind of attribute filed I use it's always 1, even if I run validation before) and it of course impact on whole model because if I don't have proper name as variable then it's not possible to select raster for clipping and then it looks how it looks.

Question is : Is it any way to fix this bug with giving value=1 as start value in field iteration? Of course I could make a python script for that but I would like to keep it in model builder.