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Story Maps Map Tour web application error

Question asked by swhite on Mar 18, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2015 by GLAzou-esristaff

I'm a relatively new ArcGIS Online user.  On my Windows 7 computer (64-bit), I often like to work with two windows side-by-side, so I will often 1/2-screen Internet Explorer and 1/2-screen another application's window.  When I try to start using the Story Maps Map Tour interactive builder on a 1/2-screen window, I get the following error message:

An error has occurred
Welcome to the Map Tour web application. The application is not configured.  The Map Tour builder is not supported on mobile devices. 

I've also attached the message so that you can see it in full color!

I am not trying to run the Map Tour builder on a mobile device.  I am using a desktop computer.  As soon as I make the window full screen, the error message goes away and I see the "Where are your images or videos" dialog.  While the easy fix is to not 1/2-screen the IE window, I feel this is a bug that should be addressed by Esri.  I am surprised other ArcGIS Online users have not posted on the forum about this error message . 

I should also add that this error message appears for 1/2 screens of Chrome and Firefox, so IE is not the problem.

Could someone from Esri please reply and let me know if this is a documented bug, or if I should try to document it?


Scott White
Fort Lewis College
Durango, CO