'Manage Map Server Cache Tiles' run successfully, but cache did not changed

Discussion created by clamesrichina-hk-esridist Employee on Mar 12, 2014
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Hi all,

I have some problem when I try to run 'manage tiles' function to my map service on ArcGIS Server
but my map service did not updated the cache after the 'manage tiles' run successfully

Here are my steps:

1.) Create a new MXD file in ArcMap, add some layer and publish as map service to ArcGIS Server
2.) Choose 'Editor' to start editing one of the layer in MXD, then save change
3.) Open 'Catalog' in ArcMap, connect to the ArcGIS Server, right click to the newly created map service,
     and choose 'Manage Cache' -> 'Manage Tiles'
4.) 'Manage Map Server Cache Tiles' tools started, I choose all scale, and select 'RECREATE_ALL_TILES' in Update Mode
     In 'update Extend' Field, I choose a shp file which is a polygon cover a small part of the layer above-mentioned,
     then I click 'OK' (please refer to attachment)
5.) Wait until task finish, 'Results' windows show the processing run successfully
     I start ArcCatalog, connect to the ArcGIS Server, select the map service and click 'Preview' tab
     I should see the map cache updated in the 'Preview' tab, but unfortunately nothing has changed

I am not sure which part I have done wrong, anyone who has experience with managing map cache tile can tell me?