use raster properties value in attribut table via inline variable in model builder

Discussion created by tegir on Mar 10, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2014 by tegir
I have a small model that should find the maximum value of a raster and use this number to fill a field in a shapefile. For some reason the variable of the rasters max value isn't accepted in the calculation of the new field in the shapefile. I just get a general 999999 error. I've attached an image for better understanding of the problem. The field I create in the model is of type DOUBLE because I read that the tool 'get raster properties' uses this datatype as output. I also tried using the modelbuilder only tool 'collect values' to save the maximum value in and feed it then into the calculation. Obviously that didn't work, otherwise I wouldn't ask here :)
Can anyone please explain to me why this isn't working and how to solve the problem?

Cheers, Thea