Software development question related to ArcGIS JSAPI 3.4/3.5

Discussion created by sunilpalkar on Dec 17, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2013 by JUihlein-esristaff
Hello All,

It might be very basic question regarding software development in ArcGIS JSAPI.

I have simple web page in which I am displaying map and below are the graph (Attached the screenshot with this mail. The graphs are static graph but I want dynamic graphs according to points/cluster in the specific area)

So is it possible to link between ArcGIS JSAPI and external graph? (D3 js used to draw the graph. So If I click on point on the map then that graph should be appear as shown in the screenshot.

I am not hard core developer and researched on Google/forum regarding this and not getting any information/sample so is it possible to link map data and external graphs ?

Any help/remarks will be great!!!

Thanks in advance : )