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Problems styling dGrid in IE

Question asked by schlot on Dec 2, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2013 by schlot
I have a dGrid/OnDemandGrid that has a lot of columns.  I'm having problems getting it to style correctly in IE 8, which is still our default browser.  I have contents and scrollbars, but the contents extend a little over the bottom (left to right) scrollbar and cover up the side (top to bottom) scrollbar so that I can barely touch the bottom scrollbar and the side scroll is completely covered up.  [ATTACH=CONFIG]29496[/ATTACH]

These grids are in titlePanes, stacked inside a floatingPane.  It displays just fine in Firefox and Chrome, but those are not our default. 

Here is how I have the styles defined.
.dgrid {     position: relative;     overflow: auto;     /* This is needed by IE to prevent crazy scrollbar flashing */     border: 1px solid #ddd;     height: 30em;     display: block;         color:black; }  .dgrid-grid {     height: auto;     width: auto;  } .dgrid-header {     font-weight: normal;     font-size:11px;     height: auto; }  .dgrid-content {     position: relative;     margin-top: 18px;     /*     height: 80%; */ }  .dgrid .dgrid-cell {     width: 50px; } .dgrid .dgrid-scroller {     max-height: 200px;     overflow: true;     position: relative; } .dgrid .field-OBJECTID, .field-Shape.len {     width: 0px; }