Service published but cache generation failed on ArcGIS Server

Discussion created by ligia.gafitescu on Nov 21, 2013
I am trying to publish a map service containing a cached raster layer on our ArcGIS Server Enterpise 10.1. I analyze the map service before publishing and no error.

The error I get when publishing is:

The service has been published successfully. The cache for the service has been enabled but the cache generation failed."


Further details:

  • the GIS Server and the folder are on the same machine, with Windows OS.

  • we're talking about a virtual machine in the cloud.

  • the raster layer is created from a mosaic raster in .tif format (size= 1,5 GB).

  • I use ArcGIS Desktop 10.1

  • I am trying to create a 5 scale cache.

PS: Found the error on esri forum, but it's for ArcGIS Online servers:
Thank you in advance for your help.