Custom Module Not Loading (dojo.ready issue???)

Discussion created by peterm_erm on Nov 10, 2013
Hi All,

I am trying to customise the Basic Viewer template from AGOL. One of the things I am trying to do is to load a custom module. However when I call the custom module I get an error message to say that it is 'undefined'. From doing a bit of research I see that the calls to custom modules need to be wrapped in a dojo.ready function but I am not sure where to put this in my code. To add a bit of detail to the post:

With the Basic Viewer template the main thrust of UI and map creation is carried out within a separate template.js file. The call to these functions are already wrapped in a dojo.ready function within the index.html page (would this cause any issues if I put another dojo.ready function in the template.js file?

The code is attached, so far I have tried:

   - wrapping the createApp() function in a dojo.ready function, but it never gets called
   - wrapping the addXYZoom() function in a dojo.ready function but again it never seems to get called

Can anyone suggest where this dojo.ready function should be placed, or if this is even the solution!