possible to use images with generateRenderer and quantile classBreaks?

Discussion created by acurtiss16 on Oct 30, 2013

I believe the answer to this question is No, but I thought I could ask it anyway and see if there might be other solutions to the problem. I have a map with a thematic layer already shown, onto which we are wanting to add an overlay of a second thematic layer, divided into quantiles and shown with basic line swatches, e.g., wide, diagonal, narrow, cross hatch. It is possible using ArcMap to set these symbols using the ColorRamp selector for static layers, but for various reasons we need to use the Javascript API to set the class breaks dynamically. Is there any way with the ColorRamp / ClassBreaksRenderer to define the symbols as images rather than using colors? Again, the breaks are being determined dynamically via client-side inputs which determine the data distributions.

I'm attaching an image of the desired result, in case my description isn't clear. Thanks for whatever help you can provide!