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Using a string variable as the model parameter to determine input in Model Builder

Question asked by bauman312 on Oct 8, 2013
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Hi there,

My model requires an input file that varies depending on the week number. I want the model to prompt the user for the week number (e.g., 'clm20130518') before the process is triggered. My model incorporates several Python scripts in addition to the geocoding and spatial join tools. I want all intermediate files in addition to the output file names to also contain the week number variable provided by the user. However, when I run the model and provide the week number at the prompt, I get an error message stating the following:

Error 000732: Input Table: Dataset
Path\to\file\ does not exist or is not supported.

It looks as if the geocoding tool is looking for an input the moment the model runs. However, this input isn't created until the previous step (a Python process) is complete. I tried to set the Python process as a precondition to the geocoding process, but I encountered the same error. Also, for whatever reason, I cannot use the output csv file from the Python process as an input to the geocode. It only accepts it as a precondition.

Please take a look at the image of the model attached to this post. Thanks!