Problem with Toolset Deactivating - Edit Tools and Delete Toolset

Discussion created by ipeebles on Oct 3, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2013 by ipeebles
I have recently added two toolsets into an application.  These toolsets includ:

1. Editing (includes move, edit vertices, scale, rotate and options)
2. Delete (from operational base)

The problem is that the Delete Tool will not fire when all other Editing tools are not checked.  When the Move tool is checked, the delete tool will work when it is checked.  My intention is for these toolsets to be separate, so when the Delete tool is checked, the Edit Tools are deactivated.  Right now, they seem to work together.

Is there a way I can deactivate the edit tools when the delete tool is checked and deactivate the delete tool when any of the editing tools are checked.

I have attached a copy of the application as a .zip file that uses ESRI data as an example.  Both toolsets are included within the application.

I appreciate any assistance.