A problem about adding feature layer's label

Discussion created by sailitang on Sep 23, 2013
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I am using the code 1 to add my main map. The following map service has 7 layers. For the main map, only layer 3 and 6???s defaultVisibility is True. On my webpage, I would like to select different region name and the map will be zoomed in to show region details(such as district names). Please see P2. The region details will be in Layer 2 but this layer???s defaultVisibility is False. I use the code 2 to add layer 2, but you can see my map P2, only region symbols are shown but labels are not shown. It should show details district names. I am sure that I have checked on Label Features for this layer. Could you tell me how I can show the labels? Please open the attachment to see the code and picture. Thanks.