Problem generating valid Walk time polygons

Discussion created by sqril13 on Sep 18, 2013
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Hi -

I've spent some time with a great ESRI customer service rep on this topic but so far we have not found a solution so I thought I'd try here as well...

I'm using ArcGIS 10.1 (lowest level - whatever they are calling it these days) and the NAVTEQ Q411 streets data that comes with BA 10.1.

So, with the prior version of the streets network (the *.rs) file in order to get a walk time polygon we'd change all of the street speeds to 3 mph and we'd get a moderately valid walk time polygon.

The new version of the streets network and the new Network Analyst interface which utilizes (so far yet mostly undocumented) historic traffic speeds (for driving), and some vague sort of average for non-time dependent driving analyses.  There is an option under Layer Properties>Analysis Settings to set a "restriction" to "Walking"

The result of this shows that I can walk approximately 3-4 MILES in 10 MINUTES.  Nope.  No go there.

So the question is:

1) What am I doing wrong?
2) How is NA evaluating walking?

Please help me!!  A lot of things hinge on my obtaining correct walk times OD and "trade area" polygons.