Understanding Lineage Tree on versioned DB

Discussion created by sokrafes on Sep 3, 2013
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Hi fellow Esri ArcSDE - Folks.

I am running a ArcSDE 10.0 on Oracle DB. I try to understand how the Lineage Tree is built during the Edit-Session.

The following steps are done:
1. Open Edit-Session.
2. Select a line.
3. Open Attribute Table
4. Switch one attribute from 0 to 1
5. Save Edit-Session
6. Close Edit-Session.

I repeated the this procedure and observed the Lineage-Tree with GDBT in ArcCatalog.

I would expect a long linear Lineage-Tree, but it was otherwise. (See PDF).

--> My Question is, what for are these open Lineages, which go to a Dead-End next to the "Main-Tree"?

Greets and thanks,