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variable workspace

Question asked by Shiko on Aug 19, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2013 by aimong
Hello all,
I have a model that works as it should and produces the right results. However, I need to allow the user to define their Workspace of choice (i.e. the folder on their computer) and send the model output results to that folder as shown below:
The problem is that the model does not work if the user does not explicitly change the output location shown as the parameters above.

To be clear....I created a workspace variable named "Workspace", exposed it as a parameter in my model and set it as a precondition for the rest of the model in order to force the user to define the workspace as an initial step.

I would like the user to only define the workspace and not have to manually select the output location of the results. I thought that the %Workspace%\Output\File_name would do the trick but still not happening.

Any suggestions?