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Overview map not populating with Export Web Map / Print Service

Question asked by lgoens on Aug 14, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2013 by ahoque-esristaff
According to the documentation here, I should be able to get an overview map to work in my printing gp service. I have created a very simple template / mxd. It has two data frames, the first is called Layers and is intended to be the main map of the template, the second is called Overview and is obviously intended to be the overview map. According to the documentation, a relationship must exist between the two data frames, and the main map must be the active data frame. After placing these two data frames in my template, I right clicked on Layers and selected Activate. Then I went into the properties of Overview, on the Data Frame tab and set the Extent to "Other Data Frame" and Derive extent from another data frame's extent: to Layers. Margin was set to 200% (have no idea what this should be set to) and Zoom to features... set to None. When I placed this mxd into the templates directory and restarted the gp printing service, the main map populates fine but the overview map is blank. What am I missing? The size of Overview is pretty small, is my margin size causing problems?  Did my steps above not create a relationship between the two data frames? Here are the properties of Overview: