Help with iterators in model builder

Discussion created by aahamed on Aug 1, 2013
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Hello all,

I have developed a tool that defines watershed area for a given (x,y) point in model builder. The tool is attached. I want to run this tool for a database of about 500 (x,y) points.

Which iterator function should I use to accomplish this? "Multivariate" seems like what I want, but I cannot get the tool to execute for multiple datapoints. An input of 1 data point works fine.

The top left parameter is an enclosing HUC and the bottom parameter is the point from which the watershed is calculated. I need to perform this function for a series of ~500 points. I am sure there are multiple ways to do this. I tried setting the "reservoir outlet" parameter to "list of values" instead of single value, but this does not accomplish what I need.

Any input appreciated!