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ERROR 999999 using Calculate Field in VB Code Block

Question asked by kaeldowdy on Jul 12, 2013
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Perhaps I should be using Python, but old habits die hard as I have more of a VB background...

At any rate, I'm trying to update a field in a table using the Calculate Field tool.  After fighting numerous errors, I decided to simplify my function to a very simple routine to isolate the problem.  In the screenshot, I'm just returning the value I'm passing in as an input value to save in the field.  However, I get the following error:[INDENT]
General error executing calculator.[/INDENT]
[INDENT]ERROR 999999: Error executing function.[/INDENT]
[INDENT]Syntax error[/INDENT]
[INDENT]Failed to execute (Calculate Field).

Screenshot of Calculate Field setup:


I know that VB (VBScript) has certain limitations, such as not being able to explicitly declare datatypes for variables, so I don't think that's the problem here.  It appears that the "shell" or setup of either the function itself (in the Code Block box) or the function call (in the Expression box) is wrong.  Once I get past this error, I can put the real logic in the function.

Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong?


EDIT:  Using ArcMap 10.1