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Error loading JS API on Internet Explorer?

Question asked by jpossin on Jun 20, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2013 by jpossin

I've got an web application which runs withoiut problems with Firefox and Chrome but not with Internet Explorer 8:

This is the row 36 in gamo.js:
define("gamo", ["dojo/ready",            "dijit/Tooltip",            "dijit/Toolbar",            "dijit/TooltipDialog",            "dijit/form/TextBox",            "dijit/form/Button",            "dijit/form/DropDownButton",            "dojo/dom",            "cbtree/Tree",            "cbtree/models/ForestStoreModel",            "dojo/_base/connect",            "dojo/domReady",            "esri/dijit/Legend",           "esri/dijit/Popup",            "esri/dijit/OverviewMap",            "esri/dijit/Scalebar",            "esri/layers/FeatureLayer",            "dijit/Dialog",            "dojo",            "dojo/_base/lang",            "dojo/data/ItemFileWriteStore",            "dojox/grid/DataGrid",            "esri/dijit/Print",             "dijit/Menu",            "dijit/MenuItem",            "dijit/form/ComboButton"],          function(ready, Tooltip, Toolbar, TooltipDialog, TextBox, Button, DropDownButton, dom, Tree, ForestStoreModel, connect, domReady, Legend, Popup, OverviewMap, Scalebar, FeatureLayer, Dialog, dojo, lang, ItemFileWriteStore, DataGrid, Print, Menu, MenuItem, ComboButton) {

IE doesn't recognize the define method from dojo. But if it is in debug mode IE8 shows the page with a working map but with css failures. In normal mode no map is shown.

I think it is a problem with loading the esri/dojo api but I am not sure. Has anyone ane idea?