Imported objects shiny

Discussion created by abschmidt on Jun 3, 2013
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Hi all!
I created a simple plant pot in max to put it in front of a window. Exported it to .dae using OpenCOLLADA (the original dae export of max is not shown in CE at all) and imported it into CE with the result that the uvMaps where not correctly imported/exported. So I used Blender in to import and export dae again and it worked.

Now I have all textures and in CE but if I activate backface culling one side is gone (I checked it in both blender and max and it the 2 faced option is marked in both textures) and the textures which use a alpha channel for transperancy are shiny.

Is it possible to make the plants not that shiny?Can I get the textures two faced? Is there an easier way to export it out of Max?

Thank you!