Crazy map extent on Oracle layer

Discussion created by supasim1 on May 29, 2013
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Hello Our site - Oracle 11gR2 database, ArcGIS 10.1 desktop on Win XP.
Our issue:
When i try to add an Oracle Spatial layer via direct connect to Arcmap the extent of the map shows off this planet coordinates for the extent of this layer. Our coordinate system is GDA 1994 zone 55 (ie Eastern Australia) (EPSG: 28355).

When I view the feature class 'properties' for this (Oracle spatial table) layer in ArcGIS it shows the correct coordinate system - (ie GDA 94). However when the layer is added via Catalog or 'zoom to layer' is performed - the coordinate system is clearly "off the planet". Note no other layers have this problem other than Oracle. Under ArcCatalog>Feature Class Properties for the layer, its 'Domain, Resolution and Tolerance' tab reveals what i believe is potentially the problem, the Domain shows - {see attachment} crazy Upper and Lower coordinates/numbers!

Any suggestions insights about this issue? Thanks in advance.