Title Name not displaying in Web map Print Template output...

Discussion created by gisramesh on Apr 25, 2013
Hi All,

I am unable to get the custom Title Name given by the user in Webmap (Shown in attached image) for Print out.

I am using ArcGIS server 10.1, Javascript 3.3 version.

I was created a python script to access the Map Title and other parameters. Except Map title other parameters are reflecting.

Below is my Print function i am using.

var objPrintButton;
        function print() {
            objPrintButton = document.getElementById("exportMapBtn");
            objPrintButton.outerText = "Exporting..";

            var given_MapName = mapTitle.value;
            var layout = dijit.byId("mapLayout");
            var selectedValue_layout = layout.value;
            var format = dijit.byId("exportType");
            var selectedValue_format = format.value;

            var selectedValue_georef_info;
            if (incGeoRef.checked == true)
                selectedValue_georef_info = "True";
                selectedValue_georef_info = "False";

            var incAttr;
            if (incAtt.checked == true)
                incAttr = "True";
                incAttr = "False";

            var legendLayer = new esri.tasks.LegendLayer();
            legendLayer.layerId = "JT_Buildings_A4";
            legendLayer.subLayerIds = [];

            if (RoadCenterLine.checked == true) {
            if (Buildings.checked == true) {

            var template = new esri.tasks.PrintTemplate();
            template.format = selectedValue_format;
            template.layout = selectedValue_layout;
            template.layoutOptions = { "MapTitle": given_MapName, "legendLayers": [legendLayer], "scalebarUint": "Meters", "Attribute_Info": incAtt };         
            template.prserveScale = true;          
            params.template = template;
            params.extraParameters = { Georef_info: selectedValue_georef_info };
            printTask.execute(params, printComplete, printError);

let me know any more details required.

Advance thanks for early reply