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Microstation V8 not reading correctly in ArcMap

Question asked by buehlerd on Apr 19, 2013
Latest reply on May 29, 2013 by khodge-esristaff
When I add a MicroStation V8 dgn to ArcMap 10.0 SP3, Arc does something very odd with it.  Everything seems to be mixed up.  When I compare the the the Layer field in Arc to the Level field in MicroStation the particular feature is incorrectly named and grouped.  For example in MicroStation calls the level Name: P_ALI_20_Sta and Number 1522.  In Arc in the Attribute Table it comes across as Layer P_ALI_20_Sta Level 19, but it is not the correct features in the layer/level. So in Arc P_Ali_20_Sta contains what should be P_DRN_Insulation's features, P_Ali_20_Sta should be annotation not a line feature, and the Annotation Layer for dgn in Arc says that the annotation is P_SIG not P_Ali_20_Sta like it should be. There are also what I take to be point features lumped in with the annotation layer in ArcMap, that are not in that level in MicroStation.  There are 64 levels in ArcMaps for the dgn, but only 30 levels are actually used in Microstation.

I believe what is happening is similar to this post:

This makes it hard to just read in the dgn and select only certain features to show.  Am I doing something wrong?  Any solutions?  Attached is PNG to help illustrate what is going on.