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Possible to edit attribute with a click?

Question asked by charmalee on Apr 2, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2013 by charmalee
I am new to Javascript and I am creating a simple web application to edit the status of road line paint through an iPad JavaScript website. As the city's Public Works field crew completes the line painting job, they would be able to click on and change the status field of each line paint shape to 'Complete' through their iPad.

I have been able to modify the following sample to fit my data: 'Attribute Inspector with one editable field'

I found that on the iPad it is cumbersome to click on a feature and then again on the dropdown to modify the feature's attributes.

Is it possible to modify the code so that as soon as the feature is clicked, the status of the line paint layer changes to 'Complete'? A second click on the shape would change the status field back to 'Not Complete'. This way there is no need to go through the dropdown.

Another alternative is having a Complete and Not Complete button. When I select a feature, instead of having a dropdown could I add a button to change the attribute?

The code I have so far is attached and available on this test website too:

Any help or input would be appreciated.